My Baby Shower!

The baby shower is such an exciting time during pregnancy to look forward to, I was super excited to host it  in my house and have all my friends and family over to celebrate. I know that generally the mom to be does not get involved with the planning but knowing me there was no way I wouldn’t be!

A baby shower is to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother


In terms of a theme, I kept the baby’s gender a secret until the baby shower so I had a gender reveal themed baby shower.

The Decor:

I kept it very simple with the Decor, you want a few things for people to capture or be  “instagram worthy” and remember the day. So I had this heart shaped blackboard that I hung on my front door with the message “He or She, come in to see!” along with one of my early scans 🙂


Also had a balloon so anyone walking down the hall can know which apartment to head to.




The Favors:

With the favors, I wanted something people can use when they got home or decorate their homes with. I bought 25 of these pots from Ikea and filled them with white and yellow flowers from the Garden center, shout out to the hubby who helped with this 🙂


The activities:

When people walked in, they had to vote on whether they thought I was having a girl or boy, my delivery date and weight of the baby. Most people were team blue, scroll down to see if they were correct 😉


Also needed name suggestions as we haven’t locked down a name for the baby yet!


Decorate the onesie station



The food!

Most of the food was vegan with 2 vegetarian options, the star of the show was the cake! As it had the answer to whether I was having a boy or girl 🙂


Here is the food menu I had :


Small zaatar mana’eesh/Fatayer/ Muhamara/ Baked veggie spring rolls

Veggie Sticks & crackers with beetroot hummus


Quinoa Tabbouleh

My lentil salad topped with avocado Recipe here 


Koshari (Ordered this)

Fried Quinoa Rice Recipe here 


Meghle – This a Lebanese vegan dessert made when a baby is born, I opted to have it at the baby shower so all my friends and family can have a taste

Cake (ordered from sugarmoo)

Fruit Bowl in watermelon

Date Balls Recipe here







Blueberry Boy Punch 


Pink Girly Lemonade


Here is a closer look at the meghle with all the yummy nuts on top!



The big reveal!


And it is.. a baby girl! 🙂



Hope you enjoyed this and thank you to everyone who helped me put this together! Until next recipe x


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