My top 5 mummy must haves

If you have been following me on social media you will know that I’ve become a mum to a beautiful little girl. Naturally my life is now geared towards a mummy life so I feel its only normal my blog does too.

Isabella is almost 6 months old, and even though it has been the best journey of my life, it hasn’t been an easy one to adjust to, having these 5 items has definitely made it easier!

1- Medela Freestyle Pump

Being a full time working mum and having an exclusively breastfed baby, this was an essential buy. I wanted something that was light weight, easy to carry around and worked efficiently at getting the milk out and the Medela ticked all of these boxes. Even if you are a stay at home mum, having a pump is essential if you want to leave your baby for a few hours without worrying that you will have to rush back to feed, giving you a few hours of much needed freedom!


2- Cocoonababy

I knew early on that I wanted to co-sleep with my baby and the cooconababy made that super easy. We also loved it because it was easy to carry around, we even took this with us when we travelled with her!



This is a bit of tricky subject as some parents decide early on that they do not want to introduce pacifeirs to their babies, I was one of those parents for a full 24 hours before I changed my mind! Paci’s have made bedtime a lot easier as they sooth her to sleep and now that she’s teething she has something to bite on. My baby uses the avent soothies and is super happy with them.


4-New born bath seat

Am I the only one who did not know these existed until my baby was 2 months old? Before buying this we use to carry and wash her in the bathtub as she couldnt sit up but having this made bathtime SO much easier. This will allow your baby to sit on their own while you bathe your baby.

bath seat

5-A swing

Want to cook something?Run to the bathroom? or just have a minute to yourself without carrying your baby? Well you will have to prop them somewhere and I’ve found this swing to be great for that. This graco version also has a fitted table, so you can feed your baby in them when they are ready for solids



What are your top 5 mummy must haves?


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