My top 5 all natural makeup products

Did you know that we absorb about 60-70% of everything we put onto our skin into our blood stream? So if any of your makeup contains chemicals then you have have these chemicals pumping around your body! Especially with being pregnant, I really care what I am putting in and ON my body!

When I started this lifestyle I knew I wanted it to extend to more than just the food on my table. I stopped using as many conventional products and tried to develop a more natural make up routine. Not only is my skin so much better before, but I’ve also saved so much money on fancy products, leaving me more money to spend on more good food 🙂

1 – Mineral Foundation- Neals Yard

After I wash my face in the morning and put on my moisturizer (that always contains SPF) I start with my mineral foundation. Made with organic ingredients this is heaps better than any other chemical filled foundation I’ve used before. Plus with my oily prone skin, this helps keeps the oiliness at bay.


Can be found in: Neals Yard Shop (Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and Wafi)
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Vegan Stuffed Pasta

‘Ricotta’ stuffed pasta was the main for my valentines day meal ❤ ALSO a great dish to impress guests, even non-vegans will not be able to tell the difference between ricotta and the ‘cheese’ used here!

I usually am not a fan of mock meats or cheese but this mixture was PERFECT!


Photo cred and recipe inspired from the amazing oh she glows blog I follow her on instagram and is such an inspiration to all vegan bloggers!
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Couscous Stuffed Eggplant

I was so in love with this casserole dish that I carried it all the way back from the UK to Dubai, yes it was SO heavy but SO worth it. Just look at how pretty it is 🙂 My kitchen has a lot of orange tidbits so this fits in perfectly!


I was waiting for the perfect dish to pop its cherry and here it is – couscous stuffed eggplant!

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