Couscous Salad

After all the Eid feasts, I feel salads are much needed to detox. I was away in Beirut for Eid and the food was amazing, not counting all the sweets and all the nights spent dancing and drinking!

Now back to work and Dubai, it is time to get back into the kitchen to create healthier feasts! I’ve always liked a cooked grain or vegetable with my salad, so this and my lentil salad are my two faves 🙂

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Spinach Lentil Salad with Date Balsamic Dressing

This is the first valentine I have as a married women and full time vegan! So I wanted to make it extra special and cook a V Day feast at home. I’ve always been that person who thought they don’t need a valentines day to show partners they care, but I have to admit I now see the value in having a special day set out as It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day.


So our menu started off with a beetroot soup(not pictured), lentil salad, main dish was ‘ricotto’ stuffed pasta shells and finished off with raspberry sorbet and chocolate covered strawberries

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Spinach Salad with ‘Honey’ Mustard Dressing

Happy new year! A new year always brings in new resolutions while I respect everyone who has one, I try to just be healthy every day of the year regardless of the date. 2014 has been a great year of many highs, one where I married my best friend, worked on my blog and traveled to places I never thought I would!

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Spicy Potato (Batata Harra)

I had a small dinner party last week and decided to give Batata harra a try. It was quite difficult to get the recipe quite right without using so much oil but in the end turned out quite good!


The batata harra was one part of my mezza, here are some of the others. My Lebanese Vegan Mezza ❤

Batata harra, Tabbouleh, eggplant dip aka mutabel and hummos

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Spinach With Garlic (Hindbeh)

The Lebanese cuisine is filled with so many amazing vegan options and this is one of them. I will be in Lebanon next week which is SO exciting, I will make sure to update my instagram (rana.banana) with all the yummy vegan finds!

Traditionally this is made with swiss chard leaves and is called Hindbeh, however it is not so easy to find fresh swiss chard in Dubai so we used Spinach instead. By we, I mean my father and I 🙂

photo 2
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Rainbow Rice Rolls

Happy June!

The more colors your dish has the better it is for you! Ok so I just made that up but pretty sure this could be true. Just look at these rolls- nothing like this can ever be bad for you 🙂

I enjoy these on the weekend when I have a little bit more time to cook. My husband is a meat lover so he usually likes to fill these with chicken!

photo 1
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