Spicy Potato (Batata Harra)

I had a small dinner party last week and decided to give Batata harra a try. It was quite difficult to get the recipe quite right without using so much oil but in the end turned out quite good!


The batata harra was one part of my mezza, here are some of the others. My Lebanese Vegan Mezza ❤

Batata harra, Tabbouleh, eggplant dip aka mutabel and hummos

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Kafta Bel Seneye (Baked Kafta)

Growing up in a Lebanese household, kafta bel seneye was one of the things my parents cooked when they were busy and wanted a quick healthy dish, so to me this was ideal to learn at this point.

So I asked  my dad to buy me the Kafta from our butcher in Sharjah (Yes he goes all the way there for the meat, so it is pretty darn good!)

Also who knew a Lebanese staple dish could be made Paleo so easily?

photo 2
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