Couscous Stuffed Eggplant

I was so in love with this casserole dish that I carried it all the way back from the UK to Dubai, yes it was SO heavy but SO worth it. Just look at how pretty it is 🙂 My kitchen has a lot of orange tidbits so this fits in perfectly!


I was waiting for the perfect dish to pop its cherry and here it is – couscous stuffed eggplant!

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Moghrabieh (Lebanese Couscous)

This dish would not be familiar to everyone, the closest thing it would resemble is a large grain couscous. This dish is quite popular in Beirut and always reminds me of my childhood. My mama spent the weekend with me so I asked her to make this dish with me and help me “veganize” it which surprisingly is not very hard at all 🙂

photo 1

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