Red Curry Lentil Soup

Since I have made this soup, I have had to make it again 3 times  in 2 weeks because it has become every ones favorite!

I’m in LOVE with red curry sauce so I try to add it whenever possible 🙂 Also if you had seen my last lentil soup recipe, you know that lentils are always plentiful in my house so I try to use them whenever possible

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Curry Spiced Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup

I am a big fan of all curries whether Thai or Indian, all the spices just fill me up. So when I came across this soup I was really excited to experiment with curry spices in soups,and the sweet potato adds the right thickness to it and goes really well with all the spices.

On another note I am almost half way through veggie month challenge and I have to say I thought I would be struggling more for recipes. In actual fact however I have a whole list of veggie dishes that I have yet to try out so even after this month I think I will be cooking many more veggie dishes. Also makes me feel super light so enjoying this month much more than I thought I would!

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Butternut Squash Soup

I love this time of year for so many reasons but mostly because of the lovely weather we get in Dubai. So even though it does not get very cold (I like to pretend it does sometimes when I have this) you will want something to keep you warm. More than that you want it to be SUPER easy and healthy, which you are in luck because this is both! This is my butternut squash soup recipe, also is Paleo&Vegan for those who stick to that kind of diet

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